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Seaweed ease coming for St Lucy folk

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Seaweed ease coming for St Lucy folk

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IT’S A STINKING MESS, but somebody’s got to clean it up.
For two weeks people living in and near River Bay, St Lucy, have had to endure a nauseating smell from a combination of stagnant water, plenty of seaweed and debris.
Frustrated residents moved to batten down their homes to escape the “rotten eggs” smell.
However, yesterday members of the Drainage Unit of the Ministry of Environment started the relief effort by dredging the river and clearing away seaweed and debris that had been impeding the flow of water.
It is expected that over the next couple of days the smell will subside.
Here, clear water is seen finally beginning to flow into the mass of seaweed just below the picnic spots
 at River Bay. (Picture by CAT Image World.)