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MAN TO WOMAN – Does it matter if she isn’t a virgin?

Carol-Ann Tudor

MAN TO WOMAN – Does it matter if she isn’t a virgin?

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In years gone by being a virgin was a sign of purity and all things angelic, and men were proud to have virgin wives. While it still happens in some cultures, where women are even stoned to death for “not being a virgin before marriage”, here in Barbados and in most other countries it seems to be a thing of the past. Man to Woman sought to find out from men if they were still “looking for virgins” to marry or whether they saw it as a “thing of the past”. Most chose the latter.
Tall and Handsome: Virgins? Let’s be realistic most women nowadays would have been sexually active by the time they’re old enough to get married . . . so finding a virgin is like finding a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, while the idea of being the first man to “pop the cherry” sounds great in theory, I’m not sure if most men care to have an inexperienced wife who may take years to come into her own. Then again, it’s not when you start but rather how quickly you learn. To each his own, but I prefer experience.
Man To Woman – It is indeed like finding a needle in a haystack.
The Bourne Identity: I never wanted to marry a virgin! When I am tussling horizontally, I want someone who can make me see not just stars but other galaxies! That can only come from experience. I remember when a religious person was telling me it should be virgins tying the knot because there should be no sex before marriage. I replied that is like buying a car without a test drive and they asked how would I feel if a woman looked at me that way? I said I hope so, as it means they want to try me out to see what I can do. They got very angry and said I was arrogant and sexist, but I reminded them I expected comparison to be made both ways so how can I be a male chauvinist? I wouldn’t really want a virgin but if I was to get married again, I would want a girl who has no kids, let me be the first.
Man To Woman – I don’t think that “buying a car without a test drive is sexist”. I wouldn’t buy a car without driving it either. Just because it looks great doesn’t mean it will give you a smooth ride.
De Woodsman: Most men wouldn’t mind marrying a virgin but finding them would be a problem. Most women today sometimes have up to three or four children even before they are married, so the majority of men wouldn’t waste their time looking for a virgin. To me, it’s a thing of the past.
Man To Woman – In some cultures women still have to be virgins; but then again, that’s probably why they get married as young as 12 years old.
Jamal: Marrying a virgin is a thing of the past, because men like to know “what they’re getting”. Like the saying goes, can’t buy a pig in a [poke].
Man To Woman – I agree. No sense in us women buying a whole pig just to get a little sausage, either.
D President: I think that’s a thing of the past. Being a virgin doesn’t make you a good wife. To me if a lady is a virgin or not is really a non-issue, plus that there aren’t many virgins left.
Man To Woman – I too agree that being a virgin doesn’t make you a good wife. It doesn’t help you to stay faithful, neither does it teach you good companionship.
Mr Henry: Hell, no. There is no such thing as marrying a virgin these days. Why would I expect something from a woman that I know I can’t give to her? Realistically, it is almost impossible to have a virgin over 20 years old in your midst today. We have to keep it real. I want a woman who’s a lady in public and a freak in bed, so I guess some degree of expertise has to be derived from some level of experience.
Man To Woman – You’ve made a very important point there when it comes to purity!! Marrying a man who has never had sex is almost unheard of.
Mr Fresh: I personally think that marrying a virgin is a “thing of the past”. How many virgins do you meet these days who are 25 to 30 years old? Very few, if any at all. As long as we’re in love, it doesn’t matter if she’s a virgin.
Man To Woman – Love is patient, love is kind… love perseveres.