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DEAR CHRISTINE – Need to get out of debt fast

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Need to get out of debt fast

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Dear Christine,
I have written to you what seems like a thousand times, but kept throwing away each letter because of my situation.
My problem is that I am deep in debt, uncertified and unable to find a job.
I have two bank loans – one as high as $9 000; owe $8 000 to a retail store; my rent is $800; the electricity bill is $250, and my pay is less than $800 a month.
Christine, I really want to pay my bills, but whatever I earn goes towards my six children. Many days we have nothing to eat and the baby has no milk.
I am not begging for help with foodstuff. What I need is someone or a financial institution to help me consolidate my debt so that I would make just one payment per month. I would be grateful as it would make things much easier for me.
I am also hoping that someone would give me “an everyday” job. I love to cook and previously cooked for a hotel. However, after ten months on the job I found out that the boss was not paying in our monies to the National Insurance Scheme. When I confronted him I was fired immediately.
I am now out of a proper job and live from pay cheque to pay cheque.
Christine, I feel as though if anyone such as a bailiff comes to arrest me because of my debt, I would kill myself right there and then. I am actually thinking this is the only way to get out of debt. On the other hand, I want to live for my children. Their dad is sick with arthritis and cannot move around.
I know I got myself into this, but I am willing to repay that individual/institution that reaches out to me.
I can have the money taken directly out of my pay and credited to their account.
Please anyone, some bank, help me!
Dear Jenny,
I am extremely touched by your letter and would first like to advise you not to see suicide as an option or the answer to your financial situation.
As long as there is life, there is hope.
Your situation is not the worst.
There are many others who are way deeper in debt than you are.
It is sad that employees in this day and age are victimised for standing up for their rights. The situation at your former place of work is one which union bosses and Government must address. Perhaps if you were still in that job, your financial situation would be different.
Undoubtedly, apart from having your debt cleared, you need personal financial planning advice. Seek this, perhaps through a personal banker.
If you cannot find such a person, please let me know, and I will put you in contact with such an individual.
I am printing your letter with the hope that kind-hearted Barbadians, business owners, charitable organisations, church leaders, financial institutions, or any caring person would read about your situation and offer to help in any way – especially for the children’s sake.
While you stated that you were not seeking assistance for the baby or the other children, I am appealing to all our readers to give whatever they can. If several of our readers agree to give what they can, that would be a help to your getting back on your feet.
In addition, I am appealing through this column to any business house or person who can help you with a job.
 You have honestly given me your name and contact information and I promise to get in contact with you as soon as kind-hearted Barbadians respond.
You have obviously learned from your bad financial choices, but please do not give up hope at this time. I am sure that help is on the way and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Trust God!