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ATTORNEY?GENERAL?Adriel Brathwaite plans to probe allegations of financial infelicities involving some members of the Court Process Office.
In response to reports of monies from traffic fines, drug fines, and child support, not being paid into the court,?Brathwaite said he would discuss the matter with the Registrar of the Supreme Court.
“I will certainly have to raise this matter with the Registrar of the Supreme Court because it concerns me when I hear allegations of this nature.
“This allegation has come at a time when only on Tuesday, Parliament started discussions on the Prevention of Corruption Act 2011, and my position is that wherever there are allegations of this nature in my ministry, I will get to the bottom of it because I want to ensure that officers who report into me adhere to the type of governance and good behaviour that Barbadian civil servants are known for,” he said. (MK)
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.