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Loud exposure for Oval

Marlon Madden

Loud exposure for Oval

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Kensington Oval’s chief executive officer Henry Inniss will not be surprised if the venue becomes a more popular choice for major concerts and other big events following its hosting of the Rihanna LOUD concert there Friday.
Inniss told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY he anticipated more calls requesting the venue.
“We have [hosted the 2007] Cricket World Cup which is a sporting event but [the Rihanna LOUD concert] is an entertainment event. And I think this will be the beginning of other similarly large events,” he said.
“I think that once the word gets out, when people see the show on the Internet, people will see references to it . . . and that will be such valuable promotion for us as a venue and we expect that we will have other persons coming to us about hosting shows here,” added Inniss.
He said the Oval would also be “pushing very hard” to generate more interest in the international arena for future shows of a similar magnitude to be hosted at the location on the outskirts of Bridgetown.
The Rihanna LOUD concert would have attracted more than 25 000 to 30 000 fans, workers in the production team and other service providers.
Describing the hosting of the event as an historic occasion, Inniss said he welcomed the huge concert “with open arms”, noting that the management at the facility was happy to have hosted the event.
Last Friday’s LOUD show was the biggest ever entertainment event to be held in Barbados.