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DE MARKET VENDOR – VIP disaster at Rihanna Oval concert

luigimarshall, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR – VIP disaster at Rihanna Oval concert

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DE VENDOR get bombard by people who vex as hell that them pay $500 fuh luxury VIP tickets fuh Rihanna LOUD concert and feel that them get shaft.
They want de Vendor, as the Trinis would say, to “take front fuh dem” but not me. Nobody en cussing me and calling me a brass bowl!
One say he pay that kinda money and he expect to have chairs to sit, not stand fuh six hours. A woman say, “Market, I could not even get li’l water. Imagine gwine to de bar and hearing water run out.” A man say they promise food and iffing it was not fuh KFC he woulda starve. 
They say too much people did in the VIP section. A friend say she tek up she position by de stage early and when Rihanna come on people come like hooligans demanding to get past she and elbow she in she breast. A British friend say, “Market, I don’t know of anything called Luxury VIP but if you promise me VIP, I expect valet parking, to be escorted to my seat, seated and be served drinks and food. What I experienced was a concert with no frills whatsoever other than the price of the tickets!
People complain that the park and ride only work on the way in but pun de way out it was bedlam. And ah hear that de after-party was a disaster. I tell all ah dem, “Wunnah need to write and complain; if wunnah vex, then do something ’bout it. I ain’t gwine comment pun de arrangements. Ah can only say I enjoy Rihanna; she deliver big time.
Dis week de Vendor in Belize, and I get reminded that there still got some nice people in de world. I staying pun Ambergis Caye, off Belize but de hotel don’t have a restaurant and yuh not exactly near food – so what to do?
We order supplies from a supermarket. A nice young man name Norman promise to confirm the order. Next thing, Norman arrive wid de groceries. What so special ’bout that? Well, we did want some items that de supermarket didn’t have so Mr Norman went and find the other items from vendors, pay fuh dem wid he money and bring them fuh me. When I ask de man what is he fee, he say nothing. Nothing? Man, you mekking sport! No charge fuh all dat service? Well, de Vendor wasn’t having that but it reminded me that Norman is a nice man and that de world could use more people like Norman. Bubbadus could use a few too.
Compare that to people in Miami. De Vendor driving pun I95 and want to change lanes. I do wha we in Bubbadus does do: look left and change. And guess what? People in dat lane honking and honking, so I figure them being friendly so I honk back and them keep honking and honking – real friendly people.
Next day same ting: changing lanes, people honking and honking, so I honk back. Next thing ah woman hanging out a car next to me and she waving and waving. Ah couldn’t hear what she did saying so I assume she was just being nice and so I roll down my window and wave back at she. Nice people in de USA. Is only when I explain this friendliness to a friend that he tell me, “Market, you don’t know yuh suppose to look over yuh right shoulder before crossing lanes? Them people was cussing yuh; yuh lucky dem didn’t catch up wid yuh!”
All dis time I thought them was being friendly.
I, Market Vendor, gone fuh now; you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?