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Lodge head tells why

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Lodge head tells why

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WHY ARE THE SCHOOLS at the top of the pecking order not producing more Scholarship winners and Exhibitioners?
That question has come from principal of The Lodge School, Trevor Pilgrim, in the wake of comments from Minister of Education and Human Resource Development Ronald Jones that there was concern over The Lodge and Combermere not landing a Scholarship or Exhibition winner in several years.
Speaking to the WEEKEND NATION, Pilgrim said The Lodge was fifth of sixth in the pecking order at Common Entrance and fourth at sixth form level, compared with Harrison College and Queen’s College, which were number one and two respectively, at both.
“The brightest students in the island, and again at the lower sixth, they get the brightest students from all over the island again. One could ask the question, why don’t they get more Scholarships? I have nothing against those schools, I’m just looking at the system.” (YB)
Full story in today’s WEEKEND NATION.