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DEAR CHRISTINE: Searching for dear friend

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Searching for dear friend

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Dear Christine,
Thank you for all your good work and the help you give to some of us lost souls. I am hoping that through you I can repair a broken relationship which has left a void in my life.
About five years ago, I met a woman through my work. I really came to appreciate her as a person. She was classy, very intelligent and fun to be with. I cannot remember a time she ever said no to me, when I asked her for a favour.
God knows I rang off her phone with my problems. She was a good friend to me and taught me a great deal.
About a year and a half ago she ended up in court. I was in shock first, then I allowed rumour and gossip to cloud my judgment. I now regret all this.
Gradually, I eased myself out of the situation and truth be known, I allowed a relationship to take my attention away from what was going on with her.
Over time, she stopped communicating with me and my conscience ate away at me. I cannot tell you how many times I wished I could have talked to her or shared a meal, which was one of our favourite things.
Shame truly hit me when a friend of my mother (who knew of this woman’s situation), told us what her ex-husband did to her daughters during her difficult times. He had stopped supporting them; he left them in debt, and she lost her business.
Christine, my friend never had a lot of friends, but I was surprised to learn that no one even helped her with her children through it all. Over the years I’ve seen her help many people.
In April this year, I gave my life to the Lord, and began to pray about her situation. Just last month, I learned that God answered my prayers and she was free of the courts.
When I finally found the courage to contact her, no one could tell me where she was.
Christine, I want to find her, help her with those children, and mend the relationship. I want her to know that people do care about her. No one is perfect; all of us have made mistakes – some worse than others. I made the biggest one when I walked away from her at a time when she needed me.
I have spoken to my pastor about her and he has encouraged me to reach out. I am using your column, since I know she usually reads the paper on a daily basis.
I’ve enclosed my information but I am sure she’ll know who I am.
Thank You. Keep up the good work and may God bless you.
– A New Sister In Christ
Dear New Sister In Christ,
The mere fact that you are using this column tells me that you are desperate to rekindle this friendship.
I can only hope that your friend sees this letter and seeks to make contact with you, knowing full well, that you care.
Your letter is also for all of us who sometimes take those who are placed in our lives for granted.
I am sure that your born-again experience has opened your eyes completely. You are definitely doing the right thing in seeking forgiveness, while at the same time mending this broken bridge in your life.
I wish you every success, and look forward to sharing some great news with you when your friend contacts me.
God bless!