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Justin Bieber crashes Ferrari

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Justin Bieber crashes Ferrari

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Just days after snagging honors at the MTV Video Music Awards for best male video, Justin Bieber hit a slight bump in the road. The pop star, 17, walked away unharmed after he was involved in a minor fender bender in his Ferrari Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed. “No one was injured, and there was no damage to either vehicle,” a statement from the LAPD says. An LAPD official says Bieber was driving through Studio City when the driver of a Honda Civic crashed into his Ferrari, which he says sustained some minor damage. “There was no crime, and it was just a minor accident,” patrol officer John Seffel said. “It was so minor, so we didn’t file a report.” When police arrived, the paparazzi was at the scene, although it was not known whether the vehicle that hit Bieber’s belonged to a photographer.