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Mixed moods

Marlon Madden

Mixed moods

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The estimated $18 million Bushy Park, St Philip development scheduled to start in January 2012, has been met with mixed views from some residents and business operators in the area.
While all the residents who spoke with the WEEKEND NATION said they welcomed the development of the racing facility because it should mean more employment and activities in the parish, some expressed concerns over possible increased noise pollution.
One Harrow Land, Bushy Park resident, who requested not to be named, said she anticipated the new facility would bring about “more noise and confusion”.
“All we get is noise and the smell from the tires and exhaust. If I have to go to church they block off a section of the road and tell you that you have to go all the way around and come in and that is not fair.
“We live in this area and have to go around to Oughterson and come back to Padmore. When we want to get in and out we should have access [but] it is nice to see that development coming to Bushy Park,” she said.
Majorie Holder, 76, a resident in Gaskin Road, opposite the Bushy Park track, said she was glad they had decided to become “more organized”.
“I think it will be a very good development because it will help to make the area livelier and I think the young people in the area should be able to get work. The only problem I have, and will have, is when a race is going on and I am fast asleep,” she said.
Meanwhile, Sylvia Alleyne, operator of Sylvia’s Variety, said she was concerned the new development meant more vendors and therefore less business for her since she could not move her business onto the premises.
“Anything coming to Bushy Park we welcome, but if it wasn’t benefiting my business before I don’t know how it is going to work out. We know how the economy is, we will get the people but that does not mean they will buy anything. It is a good idea but I don’t know how things will work out. We will see how it goes,” said a cautious Alleyne.
Rosemary Moore, who was at the time serving in the shop for her daughter, which is located at the entrance to Gaskin Road, said she believes the new multi-million-dollar facility would mean more business for their shop.

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