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Sheldon’s the one!

John Sealy

Sheldon’s the one!

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Sheldon Miller beat his nearest rival Kibibi Greenidge by just one point after the first half doing Don’t Cry Out Loud.
He eventually pushed ahead of her in the second half by a mere five points to take the top spot in the seventh preliminary of the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Competition last Sunday.
It was Miller’s Number 1 Fan in the second half that took him to 710 points and secured him a semi-final place.
Miller has a powerful voice, but Greenidge, who got an overall 705 points, has a voice that is smoother and sits well on the ears.
Staying a tad too long in the shadows on the stage could have affected Greenidge’s impact. However, her interpretation of Love Don’t Live Here Anymore and Love Will Lead You Back dealt justice to the classics.
Dario Piggott was back after being unsuccessful two preliminaries ago. He got a well deserved third place doing Comfort Zone and Redemption Song, scoring 620 points.
It is a competition and winning is important but young Piggott must not put limitations on his voice that hold him back vocally.
Desiree Benn and Tasha Mathurin, who got 576 and 566, respectively, were invited to go through to the semi-finals.
Kizzy Miller, the only junior to perform, sang Take A Bow to move to the finals on Sunday in her category.
Of the Over-21s who performed last Sunday, Troy Arthur, Renaldo Bobb and Anthony Grazettes did well, but special mention is being made of Arthur and Bobb whose singing was exceptional.