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Flight risk

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Flight risk

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ALMOST six months after REDjet began operations, one of its competitors is suggesting that the Barbadian-based carrier may eventually have to abandon its low-fare model if it wants to continue adding smaller Caribbean islands to its destinations.
The suggestion by LIAT chief executive officer Brian Challenger comes as REDjet, which is still awaiting approval from the Barbados Government for additional routes, accuses the authorities here of backtracking on “promised political support”.
In an interview with the SUNDAY SUN, Challenger said the competing airline could eventually face challenges similar to what LIAT was experiencing.
“It’s very interesting to hear of some of the destinations that REDjet is now announcing that it’s going into. I heard the Barbados Minister [of International Business and International Transport George Hutson] saying the original plan was never to go into those markets, and looking at the equipment you realize that,” he said. (DP)
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