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Two can play cheating game

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Two can play cheating game

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Dear Christine,
VERY OFTEN I SEE letters in your column about cheating husbands and women who have affairs with married men. I want those men to know that their wives can cheat on them too. I am one such person.
Christine, it is not that I set out to do what I’m doing, but my husband drove me to it after he starting messing around with another woman.
I felt hurt and humiliated, but when X came along and I knew my husband was still cheating on me, X became a shoulder to cry on.
He also paid me much attention.
Christine, I still cook and wash for my husband, and when he wants to be intimate I give him the intimacy he wants, even though I know he is still having an affair. He thinks he is hurting me, but not anymore. If he finds out about me, that’s too bad. He’ll just have to admit that two can play the cheating game indeed.
Men, don’t take your wives for granted. Not all wives will sit back and be faithful when their husbands are having affairs. Some of us know how to give horns too, and never ever be suspected of doing so.
– WH
Dear WH,
Two wrongs don’t make a right. You, your husband, X and your husband’s mistress are playing a dangerous game.
It would be better if you and your husband were divorced.
Do you know if X is being unfaithful to you like you are to your husband?  That’s something to consider.
I know you have been hurt by your husband’s infidelity, but as it is right now, you’re no better than he is.
Both of you should seek professional help from a marriage counsellor and determine if you’re only going through the motions of a marriage that is void of love and commitment.
Seek that help soon. Four lives are at stake, and I can only hope that no children are involved.