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Taximen cry foul over moving plan

Carlos Atwell

Taximen cry foul over moving plan

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President of the Heroes Square Taxi Association, Mark Layne, fears several hundred members would be displaced by the Transport Authority’s decision to relocate them and operators at Lower Broad Street to the Wharf Car Park at Niles and Hincks Street, The City.
Layne said yesterday that parking spaces at that car park were limited.
“There are 117 taxis which are supposed to make up this amalgamated association but there is no method or system to recompense those who will be excluded.
“I estimate there are around 600 taxis operators who work in the two associations now; so if you send home 483 taxi operators, that is 483 mortgages which will fold as taxi operators use their properties to back their vehicles,” he said.
Layne said the Transport Authority’s proposal, sent via a letter to taxi operators, stated no operator outside of the new association would be allowed to park in the BTI Car Park in Hincks Street and would have to find work somewhere else.
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