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Geothermal energy plug

Yvette Best

Geothermal energy plug

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Geothermal energy can significantly lower fuel costs in the region but countries have to work together to effectively deliver it.
According to Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, geothermal development held the potential to significantly change the fortunes of citizens in Dominica, Nevis and those in the sub-region of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS).
He said it had the potential to provide a stable, cleaner and lower-cost electricity supply option.
“Dominica sees the development of its geothermal resource as having the potential of changing its energy status from being one of a net importer of energy to being a net exporter of energy.
“But this must be developed in conjunction with several other countries to create the critical market size for that energy,” he said.
“Our geothermal energy development must be seen as a regional enterprise.
“It is not about Dominica only, but how we can work together to deliver this very important resource to the people of the Caribbean region,” Skerrit added.
He said natural gas had the same potential and that similar cooperation was needed if the proposed natural gas pipeline from Trinidad was to provide a lower-cost fuel option to Eastern Caribbean states.
“Advancement towards an improved energy situation for many CARICOM countries will depend on increased functional cooperation, while at the same time benefiting the regional integration process,” he stressed.
Speaking at the inaugural David Thompson Memorial Lecture last week, Skerrit said that a secure, affordable and sustainable supply of energy was critical for the economic survival and prosperity of the countries in the region.
“Unless the high cost of energy is addressed, many of the noble economic objectives will not be realized . . . .
“Some cleaner alternative energy sources such as geothermal and natural gas will not realize their full potential to provide lower-cost fuel supplies unless there is a significant cooperation among other member states,” he said.