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PUDDING & SOUSE – Women take cash and run

luigimarshall, [email protected]

PUDDING & SOUSE – Women take cash and run

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A MOTHER and her daughter are behaving like two farm animals. Imagine, the two received their meeting-turn money early and are now refusing to continue to pay.
Yet both are walking around their housing unit neighbourhood, cussing out the poor woman who organized the meeting-turn and telling her that they are not broke.
These two seem to think that they are better than anyone else and can treat people as they like. No wonder their relative wants them out of his house!
They seem to forget that they were the ones who begged the woman to let them join the meeting-turn. It is time that they behave themselves, honour the agreement and repay the $690 they got from the meeting-turn.
Wolf on the loose
WHEN?WILL?a certain man who was horned 15 years ago get over his hurt and stop living such a reckless life?
The man is what some would call a “stulla” (stud), who had a “stullesha” of a girlfriend. The problem is that because of his lifestyle and her love for him they would be in and out of a relationship.
This shark was once seen as one of the best finds a girl could make, but the man is very much like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. However, he has totally lost his shine.
This man does not differentiate between his personal life and a business he is associated with, so he has some real challenges.
Earlier this year, he had four girls pregnant and each was unaware (or rather in disbelief) of his dealings with the others because of his sweet lies and the fact that he always said the females were “just friends”.
He hates condoms and refuses to use any, regardless of whom he is sleeping with, even if it is a threesome with someone who would do it for the money.
This middle-aged man needs to grow up and to stop trying to bed everyone, even teens. He also has to realize that his son has to sleep in the same bed where he takes these women.
If he does not change, his reckless lifestyle may come back to haunt him.
Wild woman to wed
THERE?IS?a?young woman who likes to call herself Crossed Eye or Apple Bottom, but everyone else in her St Michael district is calling her a home-wrecker.
This woman unashamedly sleeps with other people’s husbands and boyfriends, and most of the time they belong to her close friends.
It seems that she is not satisfied with the many men she has, including the policeman, the bus driver, the port worker and, of course, the man she lives with.
She is telling the live-in man that her daughter is his child when, in fact, the father is the man she listed as the godfather.
This wild woman is supposed to be engaged to the man she lives with but nobody is feeling any pity for him because, instead of trying to keep her under control, he is always coming out with a cutlass in his hand, saying that people in the neighbourhood would not stop interfering with his woman.
What he should do is come home early from work one night and he might just catch her with one of her men inside his house.
He needs to call off the engagement as soon as possible before this conniving woman, who likes to send out malicious messages on Facebook and her BB about other women, embarrasses him even more.
Trickster at work
A WELL-KNOWN BUSINESSMAN should stop having such a kind heart, especially when it comes to one of his employees.
The woman in question is taking advantage of his kindness by fooling him into believing that she has fallen on hard times.
She told him she wanted money to bury a family member but she used the money to buy clothes and get her phone reconnected. She even lied to her trustworthy boss and told him that her electricity was turned off when in fact she used the money to support her drug man, who was deported here without a penny to his name.
It seems now that the poor boss will also have to give her money to buy baby things when she goes to deliver her baby any time now.
She may be his favourite employee but she needs to stop tricking the poor man into giving her money and stop using most of it to gamble.