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Life’s a beach


Life’s a beach

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BROWNE’S BEACH was a popular place to be on Independence Day yesterday.
Both locals and tourists turned out in their numbers to soak up the sun and play in the surf as Barbados celebrated its 45th year of Independence.
There were families, couples and individuals. There were people with skimpy swimwear and those covered from head to toe. There were young, old and in between; the beach was the place to be yesterday for diversity.
The MV Harbour Master was there as well, transporting cruise ship passengers for a day of snorkelling before taking them back to their ship.
Beardie The Pirate was also on the beach. He works with Pirate Cruises, parent company of the Harbour Master Association Inc., and was his typical outgoing self, entertaining visitors with tricks as he and his assistant served them drinks.
“I have been working with the Harbour Master for more than 30 years, but I have not ‘worked’ a single day. I love it,” he said.
He declined to give his full name, saying pirates do not give their names.
Lifeguards were also on the beach, keeping careful watch over the multitude.
They were not alone, however, as police officers were also on patrol as well as the Coast Guard. (CA)