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‘Not fair’

Ricky Jordan

‘Not fair’

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Newly appointed Ambassador to CARICOM?Robert “Bobby” Morris yesterday rushed to the defence of Barbados after several Guyanese nationals again accused it of pulling the proverbial welcoming rug from under them.
Morris said it was downright unfair to this island to be getting a bad rap on account of unsubstantiated accusations, when it would seem to him that all Barbados had been doing was following the law.
“That’s not fair at all. Someone would have to go very far to convince me that Barbadian Immigration authorities aren’t as professional as they should be. I have faced Immigration personnel throughout the Caribbean, and I treat them as serious officers.
“I will therefore not support any position that our Immigration Officers are not well trained or do not have the interest of the country at heart,” said Morris.
He was responding to new concerns emanating from the streets of Georgetown.
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