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DEAR CHRISTINE – Dad’s visits to woman upset me

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DEAR CHRISTINE – Dad’s visits to woman upset me

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Dear Christine,
MY PARENTS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY CLOSE and I must admit we’ve always been a rather happy family.
I am a teenager and have always looked up to my dad.
But this is the thing that bothers me. For the past several months he has been going to the home of a young woman who lives in the same parish as we do.
He has taken me to the house on three occasions – but always keeps me outside in the car. He has never allowed me to venture inside. I know this woman is about ten years younger than my mum, and there appears to be a relationship between them.
I am not sure that I should mention this to mum, as I do not want her to worry or the family to fall apart. Do you think I should speak to my dad and ask him what’s going on?
He is always at home during the night, but I am beginning to wonder if he is always at work during the day. He has his own business.
Help! I am 15 years old.
Dear Teen,
I honestly do not believe that your dad would be carrying on an affair right under your nose – that is, to the point where he takes you to the home of the woman he is seeing.
I believe it may well be an innocent friendship.
Since I do not know the relationship you have with your dad, I truly cannot offer advice on whether or not you should confront him. That would have to be your call based on the relationship between you two.