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Killer’s warning

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Killer’s warning

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Sorry two tell young people to stay out of jail
TWO KILLERS who jointly spent over 50 years behind bars for separate offences said they both regretted the crimes they committed.
Anthony “Nagga” Austin, 61, and Frank Anderson Carter, 60, were released yesterday from HMS Dodds Prisons in St Philip after spending 27 and 26 years, respectively, for two murders.
Austin, who on his release cried on the shoulder of his attorney and long-time friend Robert “Bobby” Clarke, said:?‘“I am very sorry but I cannot change back the clock handle and what I did cannot be undone. I cannot undo it . . . . It done already.”
He added: “And whatever they did to me, it could not bring back the life of no one.”
Carter also described his taking of a life as a mistake which could not be corrected.
Full story in today’s DAILY NATION.