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UPDATE:Verdict in Arch Cot tragedy

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

UPDATE:Verdict in Arch Cot tragedy

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Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris today delivered the verdict in the Arch Cot tragedy.
She said: “This was an avoidable accident. I want to explain that verdict to you. An accident in the context of a corner’s court is an event that takes place over which human beings have little control.
“I ‘ve carefully not said misadventure because I think it is more than that. It was an accident but it was an accident where a number of persons acting properly could have ensured that it was avoided.”
This tragedy which took place in Brittons X Road, St Michael four years ago, took the lives of Donovere Codrington, his wife Cassandra and three children. The family was living at Shalom Apartments. (RJ)