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Elderly cousins out in cold


Elderly cousins out in cold

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TWO ELDERLY ST MICHAEL men are now homeless after the house they have lived in for over 60 years was demolished after they failed to comply with an order of the court to remove the house from the property.
Partially blind 64-year-old Coleridge Knight and his 68-year-old cousin Edbert Gladstone Knight, of Griffith Land, Black Rock, St Michael, were out in the cold, under a mango tree, with the few belongings they salvaged from the dilapidated house.
The cousins are now asking for the public’s assistance in finding a new home.
Edbert Knight admitted to the WEEKEND NATION that the court had given them until December 20, 2011, to remove the house after a court battle with landowner Livingston Mings.
However, he said that they “had nowhere to put it and it old and rotten and couldn’t go anywhere anyway.”
Gladstone Knight, who looks after his blind cousin, is pleading for assistance in securing a house for the two.
 “One time two officers from [the Urban Development Commission] come here to look at the house. I even went up there to Urban to talk to somebody and them tell me that they are going to help me and the help never come.
“I tell them that the court give we a certain amount of time to move and them say them would help. I don’t have anywhere to go. My family don’t have any room for us and I don’t know where we going to go,” said Knight.
As Ming’s paraded up and down the street, as the demolition was taking place, he said: “They had up to December 20 to remove that house from there. The court made a decision last year and give them three months to get off the land. It is time for the house to get push down and time for them to go.” (AH)