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Riding their luck

Carlos Atwell

Riding their luck

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Life, limb and the law apparently make little difference, once it comes to moving goods.
Take these men (here) as an example. They had a truckload of furniture (and more) to move and five men to do it. So they took the expedient approach: load on everything, including the extra men, onto the back.
The result: two men in precarious positions travelling along Warrens, St Michael, a heavily trafficked area.
These “daredevils” were not only risking their lives, but breaking the law, which states all cargo being hauled must be covered. In addition, no human being is supposed to travel on the back of a truck without a permit.
Somehow, it is doubtful these men have such a permit; and even if they did, surely there had to be a better way, even if it meant more than one trip.