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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Honours well deserved

Reverend Errington Massiah

OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Honours well deserved

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Thanks to all those who were responsible for inviting me to the presentation of Insignia, the National Honours and Awards 2011 at Government House last week Wednesday.
It was a very impressive ceremony and Acting Governor General Elliott Belgrave, did a fantastic job.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the honorees.
I would like to convey special congratulations to three of them: Justice Sherman Moore and Patrick Carter who are from my home district, Ellerton, St George, and whom I have known all my life, and Grantley Hurley.
Justice Moore was given the Companion Of Honour in recognition of his outstanding public service contribution to the legal profession and in all aspects of law including military law and humanitarian law.
Carter was awarded the Barbados Service Star for his immeasurable contribution to the local automobile industry.
To me, Hurley stands out in that he is a simple agricultural worker, and it is nice to see that such a person is recognized for his work.
This recognition should inspire others of what hard work can do.
Hurley was born in Barbados in 1953 to Leon and Caroline and received his primary education at the Bawden’s Mixed School in St Andrew. He left school at the age of 14 so that he could help his father in the sugar cane fields to provide for their growing family.
At age 15, he went on to work at the Springhead Plantation cutting sugar cane; this was where he acquired the skills that made him what he is today.
In 1973, Hurley travelled to the United States where he worked as a cane cutter until 1979. Using his knowledge and skills, he was promoted to field supervisor from 1980 to 1990.
After returning to Barbados in 1990, he joined the Farm Labour Programme and travelled to Ontario and Nova Scotia, Canada, where he worked on several farms, and also continued to cut sugar cane. He returned to Barbados in 1993 and began cutting cane every year until the season was over. It was then that he took over the reign of the King Of The Crop title from his now deceased brother Carlisle Drakes. Hurley has won 12 King Of The Crop titles.
He continues to cut sugar cane in its season and working his farm project in Greenland, St Andrew, providing fruit and vegetables for the people in his community and various supermarkets across the island.
Hurley is married to Gloria Deane and they are the proud parents of two children Tonya and Antonio.
The Award of the Barbados Service Medal was made for his indefatigable contribution to the sugar industry, both in Barbados and the United States. Once again congratulations to all honorees.