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TALK BACK: Alexandra students have say

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Alexandra students have say

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Some of our online readers have taken the Alexandra School Alumni to task for backing calls to remove principal of the school Jeff Broomes.
A statement from the association which represents 1 200 students across several generations said it fully supported the teachers who have asked Government to sever Broomes from the school.
The release stated in part: “Our major concerns . . . are as follows: the interest and welfare of the students. We believe that it is important and necessary that our students strive and do well in a stable environment. Our second concern is that of the welfare of the teachers of the Alexandra School. We believe that the teachers also deserve to be in a work environment conducive to teaching.”
Most readers chided the association, saying that before making the call for Broomes to be severed, all the facts need to come to light.
This is what the readers had to say:
Leah Bunsum: “Shame on the Alumni! First of all, I am a past student and I don’t agree. The majority of the persons in the alumni were not at school when Jeff Broomes was principal . . . . So their opinion is biased and based on emotion. Alexandra School has developed phenomenally since Mr Broomes came, mainly because he is a disciplinarian and his emphasis on extra-curricular activities. The Alumni should pray for the school and pray for resolution, not put support behind any side.”
Tony Waterman: “And when this suggestion is made to the BSTU and Mary Redman, who will be the next person to have to go? There are still 22 or so more teachers who have . . . been vocal in letting everyone know that the BSTU does not represent them. Jeff Broomes still has a lot of support at the Alexandra School. Please put on your thinking caps, Mr Minister and company.”
J Macdonald Goddard: “If the BSTU and 30 members of staff are wrong, 1 200 alumni can’t be wrong.”
Nigel D: “Would someone be so kind as to share with the public all of the facts surrounding the calls for removal of Mr Broomes? I have not yet seen the facts which would justify such drastic action. Is it that he is a strict boss? Let’s hope that . . . the decision made will be in the best interest of students, education and the country.”
Monica Wilkinson: “There certainly will not be any winners in this case. There are so many twists and turns in this saga that it is almost impossible to keep up. My solution would be to offer Mr Broomes early retirement, transfer some of the teachers to other schools.”
Vernetta Lawrence: “Why do I feel as if I’m missing something? How are people calling for a person to be terminated? I would really like to understand exactly what are the issues at hand in regards to the leadership of Mr Broomes.”
Nirmala D. Rampersaud: “Why should Mr Broomes be the one to leave?”