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DE MARKET VENDOR: How come more questions than answers?

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DE MARKET VENDOR: How come more questions than answers?

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De ole people had a saying: “Tek care of de pennies, de pounds gine tek care of themselves.”
Didn’t mek a lot of sense to me then, but dese days ah have to say that I now get it; iffing yuh don’t fix de little tings, they will become ulcers and require drastic action. Work pun de little tings and de rest will get sort out!
For example, successive governments can’t stop de maxi taxis (ZR vans) from killing de commuters wid loud music. I thought it was illegal, yet passengers get subject to de loudest and sometimes nastiest music pun de planet – and neither government can’t fix de problem? How come?
How come de same ZRs does do as they like pun de road, drive through red light, stop anywhere, anytime and nobody can’t fix it? How come?
We got cameras at traffic lights, yet drivers does brek red lights daily – and no action? How come?
How come all over Bubbadus motor cycles flying ’bout de place widout number plates (and ah have to assume Insurance too) and we can’t stamp that out? How come?
How come DJs could play songs wid expletives at big public events and not get charge by police nor tek off de stage? How come?
How come some DJs could play smutty songs pun de air and get ’way wid it? How come?
How come teachers at some schools frighten fuh some students, who really in charge? No headmasters, fuh sure! How come?
How come Barbados Transport Coop taximen does pay to move people at the airport and every day pirate taxis stealing passengers right in front of the authorities and police at the airport? How come?
How come the airport authorities allowing de pirate taxis to steal passengers? Isn’t there a security risk in allowing unsuspecting passengers to use unlicenced taxis?
How come we seeing potholes like craters all over we roads and we can’t fix them? How come?
How come little children as young as 10 years old at $6 Tuesdays at Olympus can be heard cursing and using all kinds of “mother this” and “mother that” and “F-this” and “F-that”? How come no one can control this loutish public behavior by de youts in society?
How come people can now use cell phones and disturb other patrons in de cinema? How come?
How come after any public event the authorities need ’bout two days to clean up garbage thrown all over the place by patrons?
How come pedestrian crossings and most road markings are always invisible to the motorists because of fading? We can’t find de right paint?
How come so many Caribbean governments still holding on to the Privy Council coat-tails when we got a Caribbean Court of Justice? How come?
How come all dis money get spend pun West Indies cricketers and we still can’t beat a serious team? How come?
How come Jack Warner now talking ’bout integrity in Caribbean and CONCACAF football, eh? How come?
How come teachers does get more vacation than anybody else but wait till de first day of school to go pun strike?
How come dem don’t strike during vacation when dey got time to march up and down all day?
How come de Vendor can’t get answers to dese and other problems?
I Market Vendor gone fuh now. You have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear?