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AWRIGHT DEN: Slavery in Bim

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Slavery in Bim

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I got out of my bed two consecutive mornings two weeks ago because I couldn’t sleep. My heart was heavy, I felt burdened and I was really depressed.
Both mornings, I sat on my balcony between 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. and pondered on what it was that had me in such a sad state. I started to pray and as soon as I said, “Father”, the tears began to flow. As the prayer progressed, the tears flowed faster until I had to stop praying because I was crying too heavily.
When I was able to compose myself, I continued my prayer. I said: “Father, my heart is heavy, I feel burdened and my spirit feels weak. Lord, I look around me and there is so much I see that pains me.
“Too many of our children and youth have no hope, no ambition and no identity. Too many of them live in homes where they are referred to as idiot, fool, stupid, waste of time, jack*** and ugly. Too many leave home on mornings with no breakfast or lunch and many have never heard their parents say, ‘I love you’ or ever received a hug. Too many live in homes where domestic abuse is the ‘best’ practice for solving problems and abusive language is the preferred choice of communication.
“Discipline and manners are slowly becoming a thing of the past, as parents no longer practise it, so they can’t teach it to their children. Lord, our children have poor communication and social skills because they are slaves to technology, and robots to the destructive lyrics and messages within the music they listen to.
“Too many of our children go to school daily and waste time and learn very little. Father, living in this world can be very hard and it hurts when I see our youth taking their education for granted.
 “Father, some parents are trying and doing their best to provide for their children but it is hard doing it alone. I know, because you have blessed me with a beautiful daughter and even though I have my wife and other support, raising her is a lot of work and is very stressful, expensive and time-consuming. Lord I don’t know how single mothers and fathers do it, especially those with two, three and sometimes four or five children. Lord, I pray that you send a suitable partner or heal their broken relationships so the children and parents can both benefit.
“Father, I pray that you bless our leaders and our Prime Minister. I pray, God, that you bless them with divine wisdom, knowledge and understanding and reveal to them innovative ways to reshape, rebuild and restore our society and economy. Father, I feel like the system is trying to make me a slave. Not a slave with chains on my wrist or feet but a slave with chains around my finances and the finances of my fellow Barbadians.
“Lord, it hurts to see so many people at the end of the month can’t enjoy the money they worked for. Father, I think it is demonic that in order to own a comfortable home one must sell one’s soul, energy and mind to lending agencies. Father, I believe it is wrong that for 30 years people have to labour sweat, blood and tears for concrete and wood.
“Father, you freely gave this earth to us. I am working and so is my wife, and it seems like in order for us to own a piece of what you freely gave, we have to become slaves to the system.
“Father, if it is so hard for us who are working and have qualifications, it seems like it will be impossible for some of our nation’s children who continually waste time at school.
“Lord, you know my heart, you see my tears and I am asking you to hear my prayer. Lord, give me business ideas and create environments where the businesses can grow. Show me how to generate wealth, so I can help others, build my country, be a part of the solution and live comfortably. I refuse to be a slave.
“In Jesus’ name, Amen.”