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MAVIS BECKLES: Strange happenings

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Strange happenings

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Well wunna could call me dumb, silly or whatevah wunna like, but I could tell ya this: something weird going on ’bout this place; not only wid the young people but wid the grown-ups, the adults, the ones who are supposed tuh be mature.
Some young people getting on like duh gine mad as France, ain’t seem tuh have nuh kind o’ common sense and the older ones like duh slow and got amnesia.
This is what I talking ’bout.
Now the young people, the young boys especially, nuh matter if duh come from good, well adjusted homes and expected tuh act like duh have a little common sense, when it comes tuh dressing, ain’t getting on nor looking nuh better nor different from the ones who unruly, bad-behave and igrant.
All o’ duh dressing the same way and if you see all o’ dem out at any kind o’ event, you would not be able tuh tell who is who, who good or who bad as all o’ dem look the said same way.
I ain’t know if the underwear merchants ask dem tuh advertise underwear fuh dem, but wherevah ya turn nowadays, ya does see the young fellas wid duh pants down below duh botsies; it is one o’ the most stupid styles I have evah seen.
The thing dat amuses me is dat the pants does have in a belt which does be in the tabs o’ the pants and buckled too, but it does be buckled around duh thighs.
I gine tell ya, in all my years pon this earth I cahn remember evah seeing suh many bow foot men – but it ain’t dat duh bow foot, ya know. It is dat the pants does be tight, tight, tight round duh li’l foot and duh does have tuh walk wid duh two foot open wide, wide in order tuh keep the pants from falling down by duh ankles.
I thank God dat it is only a small minority who ain’t only ’bout the pants thing. Dem is the ones who ruthless, who couldn’t care less ’bout nuhbody.
Dem shooting and chopping up people wherever and whenevah duh like, be it at a football game, pon the block, in the middle o’ town or in a bus in front o’ people.
Dem ain’t got nuh kinda regard fuh human life neither do they care ’bout whose lives they disfigure or destroy. It is very, very sad situation wid these young people. Duh like duh always angry.

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