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Revisit Gap’s music law

Carol Martindale

Revisit Gap’s music law

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The call has been made for Government to revisit the law that relates to the shutting off of music in St Lawrence Gap at 3 a.m.
Following a recent report of a falloff in business and crowds in that tourist haunt, our online readers are suggesting that the music policy be relooked and changed if necessary.
Others are also recommending that if the law cannot be changed, business owners  consider sound proofing their establishments.
The law, amended in 2008, states that the playing of music must end by 3 a.m.
We asked readers for their opinions and this is what they said:
Paula Harris: “The law needs to be revisited. I think instead of making clubs shut off their music at 3 am. The law should stipulate that the clubs be sound proof, then they can play their music as loud and as long as they want, without disturbing anyone. St Lawrence Gap is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike; let’s keep it alive.”
Nealiho Hope: “By now the Gap should be a club strip with the best clubs in Barbados but 3 am in a killer. Sound proofing is a good idea but that’s another issue in its self.”
Margaret Ross:  “I’m too old to be partying but I remember the good old days partying in Barbados. I do agree there should sound proof the clubs even though the costs will trickle down to the patrons; but the tourist and locals who come from abroad and elsewhere would rather stay longer having a drink, dancing, etc. After all, here in New York, the City never sleeps and the majority loves it. By doing this the clubs will make their money back in no time or like we say in BIM two 2’s.”
Rich Bonn: “The government of Barbados is trying too hard to be like the U.S. Year ago clubs in Bim used to stay open until sunrise. There was never an issue with that before. The Government needs to understand that what’s good for the U.S and other big countries may not be good for Bim. A lot of people on the island are self employed and by closing places early at night takes away from people’s chances to earn a living. It is only a matter of time before the government tries to stop things like alcohol sales on Sundays and other laws like are in place in other countries.”
Melvin Skeete: “The Government should offer the indoor night clubs incentives to sound proof their clubs and allow them to open to 4.30 am. Those clubs with open air entertainment will have to settle for 3 am. The hotels and residents in the area have rights too.”
Andre Petite:  “?3 am is too early because people normally come out late to party so if it could get changed again it would make it better. Stop trying to follow a US trend. This is Barbados not the US, tourists come to islands like this because they want to see culture and if you don’t have that well you’re in trouble.
Kemar Bacchanal Sobers:  “The change in law has caused many clubs to close down. The Gap is known as a party spot; I agree that the hotels have guests who need to sleep. The visitors should therefore consider that the hotels are in a party spot and only stay in the area if they will be partying. What’s the sense of me going on a trip and decide to stay in an area which does not meet my needs. It is unfair to the entertainment industry which is linked to the tourist industry. We have rising prices, increased crime, reduced night life and expect tourist arrivals to be up? Please the Government needs to critically assess its policies and measures so it can carefully see the linkages it has.”
Al Wright: “The Government should try to assist businesses in the Gap as much as possible because it is an asset to the industry. Sound proofing the premises would help, but there must also be some noise control of by patrons and some Bajans hanging out on the street. I stayed at a hotel in the Gap in 2009 and would never stay on the Gap again. Granted the facilities had windows which we kept opened to get the fresh air, the music we tolerated because it put me to sleep. However, I was awakened by a loud mouth man swearing. Many cities offer the kind of entertainment the Gap does in designated zones. It’s time to find another area isolated from hotels and there would be no noise complaints.”
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