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What’s Trending:Contractor caught; Royal bill

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What’s Trending:Contractor caught; Royal bill

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
There is a mix of issues engaging our readers this morning.
Many are talking about the contractor who is now in police custody after he allegedly defrauded people of thousands of dollars.
The Guyanese national who has been living in Barbados for several years was held while shopping at a Christ Church supermarket on Monday night.
Perro Holloway: “Thank God they found that man. Now he should feel the full weight of the law.”
Miranda Douglas: “I am glad.”
Readers are again taking issue with cost of the Royal visit to Barbados. The fact that the bill for the two-day visit has jumped to $800 000 has incensed some people.
Janice McFadden: “I think the money could have gone on better things like on people who need their houses repairing.”
Ricky Harris: “I would like Government to publish an itemized breakdown of this $800,000 price tag. Repaving roads that were bad for years like Tweedside Road and debushing (this was long overdue) will benefit us in the long term so I’m glad for that. But let’s see how much is spent on other things like Ilaro Court and Government House.”
John Da Silva: “Well, until we become a republic, the Queen remains the head of state of Barbados, and thus her representatives still need to be treated as such. However, people are right to question how their tax dollars are spent.”
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