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Diabetics told: Get eye check

Lisa King

Diabetics told: Get eye check

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Barbadians diagnosed with diabetes are being advised to have a full screening by an ophthalmologist at the time of diagnosis.
This recommendation for early screening comes from consultant oculoplastic surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH), Dr Kim Jebodhsingh, who was the organizer of the Latest Updates In Ophthalmology Subspecialty Conference, which started at the Accra Hotel Friday.
Though calling for early screening, Jebodhsingh said that unfortunately diabetics may have the condition for over ten years and not know, so by the time the diabetes is detected the eye disease would have gone untreated for that period of time.
Jebodhsingh explained that diabetes, which has reached epidemic proportions in Barbados, was linked to many eye conditions because in the same way that diabetes affected the limbs it affected the blood vessels in the eyes.
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