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TALK BACK: Thumbs up for Lashley from readers

Carol Martindale

TALK BACK: Thumbs up for Lashley from readers

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The buzz this past week among online readers was about the state visit of the Earl of Wessex Prince Edward, and his wife Princess Sophie, Countess of Wessex.
From the $800 000 price tag attached to that two-day stay here to the boycott by Government backbencher Hamilton Lashley of the events organized for the couple’s visit, including the joint sitting of Parliament, the comments were flowing.
Lashley took the stand because of Britain’s controversial Air Passenger Duty (APD) and its threat to suspend aid to countries that outlaw homosexuality.
Some online readers applauded Lashley’s move.
Following are some of the comments:
Mohanda Mogabe Mandela: “Kudos to Mr Lashley! This is the first time I have actually seen a black Bajan stand up against the presence of blatant colonialism that is enshrined in Bajan culture and that undoubtedly has Bajans on strings in this 21st century.
Sabina Joyce: “Thumbs up to Lashley for standing up for what he believes in . . . .”
Cole Turton: “Good for you, Mr Lashley! I wish there were more like you in Barbados. Stand up for what you believe in! Well done!”
Claude Nichai: “I admire the position of Mr Hamilton Lashley. The United Kingdom has in recent years taken certain policy decisions that have been detrimental to the economic stability of the region (including my country St Lucia) and to sit idle while a country already facing downgrading by the S&P [Standard & Poor’s] spends US$400 000 to spruce up . . . is ridiculous.”
Angela Payne: “As a person from Bajan parentage, but born in the UK, it always appears to me that Britain wishes to force the laws here onto other countries, like it is an extension of themselves. Barbados is not Britain and while they always talk about freedom of speech, once you do, you are frowned upon.
People are entitled to their own opinions, which seem to be something Britain does not recognize most of the time. Yes, it is nice for them to visit Barbados but why spend so much money on them? I wish more people in Barbados spoke up like Mr Hamilton Lashley and voiced their opinion.”  
Our online readers were also closely following the CLICO debacle, commenting on the criminal charges filed in the Magistrates’ Court against former executive chairman of CLICO Holdings (Barbados) Limited, Leroy Parris, and current president Terrence Thornhill.
Readers were swift, too, with responses when they read that Guyanese contractor Charwin Jermaine Estwick was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prisons Dodds charged with stealing $164 819 from two of his clients.  
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