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Tracee’s happy ending

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Tracee’s happy ending

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Tracee Albert knows the truth in that old adage, “It’s not where you start but where you end up.”
After all, she has personally lived it. Years ago she found herself pregnant as a teenager, and unsure of what her future would bring.
“A lot of people may have challenges in their lives and they may feel that’s it,” says Tracee. “I remember when I told my guidance counsellor I was pregnant, she was a bit disappointed and told me she thought I had so much potential.”
Tracee remembers that those words really weighed on her heart and inspired her to do better for herself. She also says her mother has been her biggest advocate.
Like many teen mothers, Tracee really didn’t feel the reality of her actions until after her daughter was born.
“After my daughter was born, the reality of motherhood hit me,” Tracee recalled.
Maybe it was the sleepless nights, the constant demands of this helpless child, and being thrust into the world of adults where you are responsible for someone other than yourself. But it suddenly weighed on Tracee that she needed to do more for herself and her daughter.
That decision to do more was made easier when she and her mother migrated to Barbados from Canada.
“I came here when she was about six weeks old and I went to the O level Institute and did some CXCs,” she said. “It took me about three or four years but I was determined to make a better life for myself and Alanna.”
Her determination paid off because after three or four years she had completed her CXCs and was ready to move to the next level.
“I didn’t get into university on my first try, but I got in on my second,” Tracee revealed. “I did management studies initially and finished that and went to do my MBA at the Cave Hill School of Business.”
For Tracee, the combination of determination and hard work proved to be necessary because she worked, went to school and raised her daughter.
“At the end of the day, whatever you set your mind to you can accomplish,” Tracee said. “I’ve grown in a lot of ways over the years . . . . I’m more patient. There were times I wanted everything to just happen.
“Being with my mother I always knew once she was with me I felt I could do anything.”
Tracee doesn’t undervalue the hard work and sacrifices it took to get to this point. Perhaps Alanna was the motivation that made the difficulties worth it, knowing that she had someone who was relying on her to set the example.
“My main goal has always been to reach my full potential regardless of where I am,” Tracee said.
That full potential didn’t just extend to her career, which she admits she has done well in as the operations manager for SLAM 101.1 FM, but also to her personal life. She is currently married and enjoying the joys of a family and sharing her life with someone.
“My husband is the saner side of me,” she says. “He’s a really great person and our personalities complement each other.”
For Tracee, it seems that life has come full circle. While she doesn’t advocate teen pregnancy, she knows that her life now is richer because of her daughter and the work she put in through the years.