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Thieves hit West Terrace again

Ryan Gilkes

Thieves hit West Terrace again

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THE WEST TERRACE COMMUNITY is again the target of criminals. Mere months after many in West Terrace Gardens, St James, were victims of tyre slashings, some residents of avenues from the 6th to the 10th have been set upon again by lawbreakers.  
This time thieves made off with a car, five vehicle batteries and other items.
One affected resident, Erskine Cumberbatch, who lives in 6th Avenue, told the SATURDAY SUN he parked his car outside his home at around 10:30 Thursday night. Yesterday morning he discovered his car had been broken into.
“When I came out this morning around 6:30, I realized the driver’s side door of my car wasn’t how I left it. I walked around the car and saw that they had broken into the car through the left rear back glass,” he said as he pointed to what he believed to be marks made by the thief in his attempt to enter the vehicle.
Read the full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN.