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Lisa’s dangerous secret

Sherie Holder-Olutayo

Lisa’s dangerous secret

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Everyone has secrets. It’s a part of life. But if some of those hidden secrets are ever revealed, it could be devastating.
That’s the message Lisa Lambert hopes to convey in her first book A Few Secrets. The story surrounds a 17-year-old girl whose mother wants her to go to school, but she decides to enter the workforce. When she gets a job working as a housekeeper and ends up befriending her employer’s son, she discovers a long-held family secret.
For Lisa, this book has been the culmination of a passion for writing, which she got into ever since she was a teen. She works during the day, but when she has free time, she finds herself gravitating towards the pen.
Lisa doesn’t consider writing a hobby —  just an extension of who she is. She finds a certain level of peace when she writes.
When she came up with the storyline, the book just seemed to flow.
“The story deals with the dangers that come from holding secrets,” Lisa said. “This book took a few months to write because the story just flowed.”
Lisa, who is 31, admitted she first completed the book back in 1998 and was trying to get it published for over a year; but she just gave up on those efforts.
“My mother, who lives in the United States, encouraged me to follow through and put it out,” Lisa said.
She took her mother’s words to heart and eventually found a publisher to work with her and make her dream a reality.
“I want that when people read the book, they take away the dangers of keeping secrets from family and friends,” Lisa said. “Because when the secrets eventually come out, it can do a lot of damage.”