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What’s Trending: Soaring airfares

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What’s Trending: Soaring airfares

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending in Barbados today.
Soaring airfares and talk of higher fares for intra-regional travel have online readers talking this morning.
President of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association Colin Jordan is predicting higher fares following the grounding of REDjet,  
Readers picked up on this and debated some of the problems within the industry:
Andre Greenidge: “So what is the problem? Air travel is not a bus to Bridgetown. Aviation fuel and operating an airline to fly short trips between the islands is an expensive operation. REDjet had the worse business model ever in the history of Caribbean airlines (much worse than Carib Express) and I never expected them to last long operating like that.”
Cat Blackman: “What will we continue to get in return? Lost/delayed baggage, cancelled/delayed flights, money to check your bags, overbooked flights, rude agents, over priced/ priced inflight meals…”
Odile Jean-marie: “Plus government taxes/charges/fees that many people don’t know about and many more .”
David O Greenidge: “All airines lose baggage, have cancelled flights and if you are making a point for REDjet – they charged for inflight meals. Rude agents are in great abundance. It’s not the airline that is rude – it’s the peopl.that are hired. And some passengers push agents to be rude as they launch personal attacks on them for the airlines’ errors. All organizations have rude people. That’s something that has to come from the individual.”
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