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Red help

Ricky Jordan

Red help

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Government is working on a plan to get low-cost carrier REDjet back in the skies.
Minister of International Transport George Hutson revealed this in an interview with the DAILY NATION yesterday, even though REDjet director Ralph “Bizzy” Williams had sounded the carrier’s death knell 24 hours before.
“We are working on a solution . . . to give the airline a provisional licence under the act if they can have the airline up and running in 60 days,” Hutson said. “The licence will also be valid for a year.”
Noting that any other “accommodation” would fall under the purview of the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Hutson pointed out that Government had been getting “licks” in its efforts to find a solution to the problems surrounding the Four Seasons resort and said he did not know “if anyone would like to see a big injection into REDjet without knowing what is likely to happen down the line”.
Read the full story in today’s DAILY NATION.