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Fish scarce at Consett Bay

Carlos Atwell

Fish scarce at Consett Bay

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The sea off Consett Bay is dry; dry of flying fish.
Fisherfolk at that St John location had nothing but tales of woe to relate yesterday when a DAILY NATION team visited.
K. B. Reynolds said he knew of people who went out and returned with fish numbering in the single digits.
“No day boat has caught more than 500 fish for the season,” he said.
One such unlucky fisherman was Rawle Harewood, who said he went out around 5 a.m. yesterday and spent eight hours at sea for next to nothing.
“I caught only one flying fish,” he said, showing his lone catch.
A boat came in while THE NATION team was speaking to the fishermen. Three people went out to meet it but the tale did not improve as the catch consisted of only eight flying fish.
Here, Harewood throwing up a hand in despair as he holds the lone fish he caught after spending eight hours at sea.