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Wildey fitness craze

Maria Bradshaw

Wildey fitness craze

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Exercise is the pill for (almost) every ill, Professor Emeritus Henry Fraser has always preached.
And his message seems to be getting through to an increasing number of Barbadians.
The proof of this can be seen every evening as the compound of the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium is transformed into a multi-exercise and fitness facility.
Men, women, and children of various ages and nationalities usually descend on the grounds of the Gymnasium from as early as 4 p.m. to engage in a variety of fitness and sporting activities.
Many can be seen walking, running, bicycling, roller-skating and playing sports such as tennis and netball, while others take the opportunity to do strength training activities on benches and power lifts, located around the large compound.
Teams associated with clubs and schools also seize the opportunity to “work out” at the Gymnasium.
While management at the facility declined to talk about the fitness craze in evidence at the Gymnasium, a source told the WEEKEND?NATION that the numbers flocking there on evenings to participate in activities had been increasing daily.
“They like the fact that the compound is huge and safe and they seem to enjoy the ambience. It has become the place to be for fitness enthusiasts – plus it’s free,” the source said.
He estimated that close to 200 people visited the area every evening and spent two to four hours.
“Sometimes there are people still exercising here at 8 p.m.,” he said.
He stated that it was refreshing to see families and friends socializing at the compound and engaging in healthy activities.
“Parents bring their children along and teach them how to ride and skate. There is not a spot around these grounds which does not have some form of activity on evenings,” he said.