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What’s Trending:Myrie’s back in Barbados

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What’s Trending:Myrie’s back in Barbados

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The Nation’s Online Editor Carol Martindale looks at What’s Trending this morning in Barbados.
Readers woke up this morning to learn that Jamaican Shanique Myrie is back in Barbados.
The woman who alleges that she was finger-raped by Immigration authorities and denied entry to the island a year ago, arrived here on a Caribbean Airways flight from Kingston yesterday evening.
That’s the story trending this morning and readers are sharing their views on our Facebook page.
This is what some are saying.
Frank Gilkes: “It is amazing that we would be here making sport of this very serious matter, a matter which could very well raise a number of pertinent issues as it relates to the rights of Caribbean citizens to travel hassle-free within the region. I welcome the CCJ’s deliberations on this case. Let us hope that the reputation of our country will be restored and at the same time CARICOM citizens will be clear on their rights when landing in another CARICOM state. If we can get certain things right with CARICOM we would not need to hold elaborate swearing in ceremonies for citizenship for citizens of other Caribbean states but maybe I am dreaming too big here.”
De Jay: “Free movement so far is related to persons with CARICOM skills certificates, journalists and other categories…”
Ashley John Minister: “She is a part of a society and a family, do not forget that …We have lost respect for each other. At least she is bold enough to stand up and say something is not right. We must learn to practice what we preach…”
Valerie Da Costa Greaves: “Hope this woman gets justice and if proven to be the innocent party she sues those involved. They can’t be allowed to get away with that kind of behaviour. I travel all the time to Barbados from the United Kingdom and I would do the same thing until I got justice.”
Brownsugagal Jozi: “Maybe if you people were given the type of treatment she allegedly received then you would shut up. The fact remains that Bajan immigration stereotypes certain people from other Caribbean islands and from my own experience I do believe she is telling the truth.”
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