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Growth path

Marlon Madden

Growth path

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Executive director of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association (BMA) Bobbi McKay is pleased with the increased level of attention the manufacturing sector has been receiving from Government and operators in other sectors.
But there are some areas that could still do with some improvements.
The enthusiastic BMA boss told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY more people were becoming aware of the importance of the sector to the overall economy.
“We have seen a renewed interest by Government in the sector [and] the importance and value of the manufacturing sector to the island’s growth and sustainability,” she said.
“Unfortunately, bureaucracy tends to still hamper key decisions required to propel the industry further. As it relates to other sectors, as the BMA partners with more and more sectors, the value of manufacturing is [being] realized. Partnerships allow for overarching success across all spheres of industry in the island and, with time, each sector will better understand that a holistic approach is more viable than the piecemeal approach currently being employed,” said McKay.
She said the fact that the sector provided “countless” Barbadians with employment opportunities made it a very viable one and there was always room for growth.
“It is responsible for the creation of over 30 000 jobs; that’s 21 per cent of the labour force, and manufacturing offers good paying jobs with potential to grow in professional careers, research and development, marketing, finance, human resources and entrepreneurship.
“Research has shown that manufacturing has made a significant contribution to our national development and economic growth. Barbados’ manufacturers account for almost one-third of the economy,” added McKay.