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Don’t get angry, get bleach!

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Don’t get angry, get bleach!

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WHILE A CERTAIN MAN was at Reggae On The Hill having fun with one of his sidekicks, his pregnant girlfriend was at home doing some serious damage to his personal belongings.
He got the shock of his life when he drove home from the event late Sunday night and found all of his brand-name clothes bleached and thrown in the road, while the locks on the door were changed.
He is now crashing at a friend’s house and wearing borrowed clothes to work.
We understand he has not been able to get his baby’s mother to respond to his pleas to forgive him.
She has told his family that she is tired of all the drama and she won’t be taking him back this time.
Where next to go?
TO WHOM do you complain when you deal with the people at the top and they don’t come through for you?
That’s the dilemma facing a very angry man right now.
This man is out of pocket and wondering what he can do to retrieve his hard-earned cash after a house was built for him on the wrong piece of land.
The house was built by an agency accustomed to controversy and by a contractor and architect who are friends of the big boss of that institution. The whole thing has unfolded in a district very familiar to the boss man as well.
What a dilemma to be in!
Back in the pits
 A WOMAN who usually has nothing good to say about anybody is now the laughing stock of a rural neighbourhood because her business has been exposed.
This mother of five children lives in a house with no pit toilet or bathroom. In the early years, she and her children had to dig holes and do their business in a designated spot and then cover it up or to use a plastic bag, then dispose of it. They bathed in the yard under a tap in the open.
But with her children growing up, she appealed to a neighbour and he allowed her to use his pit toilet. Thereafter they went into his yard and used his old facilities, including a pit toilet. (For himself, he had an indoor water toilet and bath.)
This foolish woman could not change her gossiping ways and began saying that the man helping her liked men. The word got back to the man and he stopped her and the children from using his place, so they had to revert to the holes in the yard, or going at other neighbours’ homes to answer the call of nature.
This woman had to be hospitalized recently. She needed proper toilet facilities, given her condition, and, with none around, had to appeal for help.
And would you believe the same man she scandalized stepped in to help her again? Goes to show that you should learn to mind your business!
Nothing but a flirt
FRIENDS OF A HAIRDRESSER from the north want to know why she is making herself so unhappy over her smooth-talking, music-playing boyfriend.
Apparently, this is not the first time that he has broken her heart, but she keeps running back to him.
Her concerned friends want her to open her eyes and see this man for what he really is. He does not take her out with him – he even went to a big event recently without her – yet he likes to control her life.
They want her to know that she is deceiving herself by thinking that she is his Number One, because he is nothing but a flirt.
Friends are advising her to move on and find a man who will love and respect her, instead of letting this DJ play with her emotions.