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Fist fights over food in the east

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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OFFICIALLY, NO ONE is saying a word about an explosive situation at a certain place in the east. But those in the know are whispering in fear about the implications for the country if it worsens.
Those working at this important institution have told Cou Cou that the issue causing the disturbance is a shortage of food. It seems that it is part of the budget cuts brought on by the ongoing recession that is hitting every person and place in this country.
This institution is so badly affected by the cuts that there have been  fights, with a few people being injured and having to receive treatment at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
Let’s hope that nothing explodes in our face, as happened before.
Edgy over resignation
THE RECENT RETIREMENT of a senior supervisor at a certain organization in southern Barbados has left a particular woman on edge.
Apparently, she has been waiting in the wings for this day to come but now she is flying all around in a rage because she has not received the letter of appointment.
Not one to be civil about anything, she has been creating a huge fuss in the workplace and letting everyone know that nobody can come before her and get the job. She is even blaming the retired supervisor for not stepping forward and recommending her.
But her co-workers want her to know that she simply does not have what it takes to land this important position. Not only is she loud and obnoxious, but also needs a major dress makeover.
Her husband, who works at an associated organization, is said to be keeping to himself these days because he is embarrassed about all the talk surrounding his wife’s bad behaviour.
She should understand by now that constantly walking around the office declaring that she is a Christian will not get her this top job.
A stinky situation
A GOVERNMENT AGENCY now seems to be on a permanent pause, with no one working there quite sure of what is going on.
Those familiar with the situation say what is happening there stinks as much as the business they are in. They told Cou Cou that the manager is on leave. So too is the deputy manager and the board, which is supposed to give direction to the management, has not met in a while.
The person now holding down the fort is the finance man, who is the acting deputy general manager and acting general manager at the same time.
No wonder then that the public often gets the smelly end of this entity’s stick!
May Day politics
YOU KNOW the silly season has started when two politicos hold major events on the same day, at the same time and within a stone’s throw of each other.
Such was the case on May Day when a big loser who was swept in by the tide hosted a cricket game about 200 metres away from a family day extravaganza bankrolled by his opponent, whom he edged out at the polls the last time out.
We won’t say which event attracted the most people, but after the cricket game ended most people headed to the other attraction to spend their night under the lights eating and drinking to their heart’s content.