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OUTSIDE THE PULPIT: Only reap your own

Reverend Errington Massiah

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It worries me every time I pass and see vendors selling pieces of sugar cane. I can’t but ask myself: where do these vendors get the sugar cane from??Do they have cane fields? Do they buy it from the plantations owners or managers?
If so, I would like the plantation owners or managers to come out and identify themselves. Or is it a case of those vendors helping themselves to what is not theirs?
This brings me to another point.
What are our law enforcement officers doing? Are they checking with those vendors to find out where they got the sugar cane from?
I am sure that some people will say that I am trying to stop the poor black man from earning a dollar. But should we be making a dollar at any cost?
There are people out there who reap what is not theirs. What do you call such acts? Too often we close our eyes to these small things and allow them to grow into some very big problems.
A stitch in time saves nine. We must not close our eyes to these things!
Let me share something that will make you laugh. A woman asked her son-in-law for some limes from his property. He told her they were not ripe – which was true. A few days later, a vendor – or a lime thief – sold some of the same limes to the woman and this left the son-in-law at a complete loss!
Let us remember that we must earn a living from what is ours and not from what belongs to others.