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DEAR CHRISTINE: He has my love, now wants money

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DEAR CHRISTINE: He has my love, now wants money

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Dear Christine,
My husband died four years ago and for almost all of that time I never thought I could look at another man.
Now there is a young man of 26 (I am 53) who has been showing a lot of interest in me. I would be as blunt as to say, we are lovers.
Although I am so much older than he is, I certainly do not look my age and don’t feel it either.
Due to our friendship, he is aware that I have some money saved and he wants me to lend it to him to invest in a business. He says this business will turn out to be a gold mine.
My mind tells me not to part with that money. Now that I am displaying some hesitation he is not as nice as before.
He tells me that I do not trust him. I feel very confused. What do you think I should do?
– B.L.
Dear B.L.,
You need to send this young man packing. Don’t you find it strange that all of a sudden he has lost interest in you because you refused to lend him your money?  
This is not to say that he did not start out the relationship on a good foot. Maybe now he is just after the loot.
Part with him, but not your money.
If you have to pay him money for him to show an interest in you or in order to keep him, let him go.
Chances are he’ll go anyhow after he gets his hand on your money or when he believes he needs someone much younger.
No offence, but usually that’s what happens.