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Edwards in 13-1 romp

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Edwards in 13-1 romp

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The rain came pouring down, compliments some early morning showers.
And then the goals came pouring in, compliments A DaCosta Edwards.
The rains couldn’t put a stop to the dominant display from the title contenders, as they thrashed Chalky Mount 13-1 when the National Sports Council’s Pine Hill Dairy Netball Competition continued yesterday.
After rains had forced the postponement of all games on Tuesday, A Dacosta Edwards turned in a superb performance to put themselves in prime position to advance to the quarterfinals.
Playing at St Elizabeth, they were led by goal shoot Shakayla Watson, who scored nine of her 14 attempts and Etianni Lowe-Greene, who made four of her six shots.
Ikaira Jackman’s first-half goal was Chalky Mount’s only score of the game. (RB)
Summarized scores
At St Elizabeth:
A Dacosta Edwards 13 (Shakayla Watson 9/14, Etianni Lowe-Greene 4/6), Chalky Mount 1 (Ikaira Jackman 1/2).
St Joseph 7 (Gabrielle Watts 7/15), Holy Innocents 0.
Hillaby Turner’s Hall 5 (Jaliah Hinds 4/5, Brittany Marshall 1/7), St Margaret’s 2 (Andrina Harris 2/4).
At the Netball Stadium:
Charles F Broome 3 (Brianna Holder 3/3), Belmont 2 (Tia Best 1/1, Julisa Jones-Smith 1/1).
St Giles 12 (Felicia Miller 7/13, Tyesha Clarke 5/8), Providence Elementary 0.
St Giles 10 (Felicia Miller 7/9, Tyesha Clarke 3/5), Belmont 6 (Julisa Jones-Smith 4/4, Tia Best 2/2).
Charles F Broome 6 (Brianna Holder 3/3, Aaliyah Haynes 3/3), Wilkie Cumberbatch 5 (Rashel Gittens 5/6).
Belmont 4 (Julisa Jones-Smith 3/5, Cynara Thompson 1/1), Luther Thorne Memorial 2 (Mone Craigwell 2/2).
Luther Thorne Memorial 7, Providence Elementary 5 (Maria Loveridge 5/7).