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RIM’s best markets

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RIM’s best  markets

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LATIN AMERICA and the Caribbean continue to contribute to the success of Research in Motion, makers of the BlackBerry smartphone, despite predictions of difficulty in global markets over the next two quarters.
This is according to Sean Killen, RIM’s director for the Caribbean, who told BARBADOS BUSINESS AUTHORITY much of the negative Press coming from North America did not apply to this region.
“I thought it was really important that we came to our major markets to make sure they understand that we’re still growing our market share.
“RIM is doing extremely well in Latin America and the Caribbean and we had one of our best quarters ever,” he said last week during a visit to Barbados.
Killen noted that this success continued although the company did not launch a product last quarter.
RIM will however be launching two new entry-level models around the end of this month and the director predicted that “when these launch . . . you’re going to see a spike all over again”.
Upgraded versions
The Curve 9220 and 9320 are upgraded versions of the current Curve 8520 and 9300 and are expected to feature FM radio, extended battery life and faster Internet browsing.
RIM is also expected to launch a new phone towards the end of this year featuring the BlackBerry 10 operating system.
 “Right now that’s what North America is waiting for.
“Until that comes out, the North American market is really a challenge.
“What the Caribbean and Latin America are allowing RIM to do is to be successful and still sell well while the North American and Western Europe market is waiting for that phone,” Killen said.
“I wouldn’t say we’re in a good position because it’s never nice to see your company struggle but working in the Caribbean as we go through this transition is kind of a treat because we’re not running into the same problems that you’re seeing in North America,” he said.
The BlackBerry Playbook 4G will be launched in the region in “the second half of summer” and the director expects a mixed response.
 “In Barbados it’s going to be very successful.
“On the brand itself, Barbados is probably the number one market. Anything we put out in Barbados seems to be successful because people love the brand and they’ll try it.
“That’s not always the case in some of our other markets. They love BlackBerry but they love other brands too. I find Barbados is very, very loyal,” he said.
Killen assured the region that BlackBerry is not going to surrender to competition in the Caribbean.
“We are here to fight for this market. It’s one of the reasons why I’m here every quarter,” he said. (NB)