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Level field

Mike King

Level field

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IMMIGRATION?OFFICERS on duty at the Grantley Adams International Airport are now exempt from the routine security checks that passengers go through.
Acting Director of Civil Aviation Mitchinson Beckles told the DAILY?NATION yesterday: “We have made an accommodation for them while they are putting their house in order. In other words, we have extended those privileges that are given to the police and Customs to Immigration while Immigration is working to put its house in order.
 “Meaning, therefore that the Immigration officers will not be screened at the screening point but will go through the same screening process as Customs officers and police officers,” he said.
This brings an end to a contentious issue which had resulted in several Immigration officers calling in the National Union of Public Workers last month and threatening strike action unless their situation was remedied.
Read the full story in today’s DAILY?NATION.