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DEAR CHRISTINE: Serious words of advice for all

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DEAR CHRISTINE: Serious words of advice for all

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Dear Christine,
I am responding to a letter some lady wrote that appeared in your June 2 edition. It spoke of a man who gave a woman herpes.
Please print my letter in a Wednesday column.
As a young male, when I read this letter I was hurt and sorry for that woman. I would like to give some advice to all men and women who are serious about their lives and [would like to avoid] catching any disease from another person.
No matter how long you have been dating a person, before you get married or go to bed with someone – Christian or non-Christian – you should say, “if you really love me let’s both go and get an HIV/AIDS test.”
By doing this, you would know if thet are really serious about their love for you and what type of person they really are. If he or she refuses to have the test [or some form of medical test], it means something is wrong.
It’s either that they are a cheater or they are hiding a disease of some sort.
I am married and would never cheat on my wife. If she says to me today, “let’s go for an HIV test” or any test – I’ll go.
Sometimes we allow people to say sweet words to us and believe that that is love. It’s time for those of you who are serious to wake up and ask for a test.
Don’t be afraid to lose him or her if they refuse to have one.
It’s either a case of having the test or living with shame, pain and regret for the rest of your life.
 Love your life and take care of your body.
– ?
Dear ?,
Thanks for your letter and advice. It’s very timely.