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Gabby Off Key

John Sealy

Gabby Off Key

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THERE?WILL?BE?NO “riots in the land”.
Minister of Social Care Steve Blackett made this declaration as he responded to nine-time calypso king Mighty Gabby’s comment that Barbados was ripe for a riot today because of the level of poverty here.
Blackett said though he did not want to create an environment where Barbadians felt that Government owed them everything, his ministry was committed to taking care of needy Barbadians.
Blackett’s comments were in response to the charge  from folklorist and social activist Gabby, who was speaking in another section of the media.
“I read with dismay the comments made by the Mighty Gabby that people do not have enough to feed their children [here] and that Barbados is ripe for a riot because of the level of poverty among the lower sections of the society,” the minister said yesterday.